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    Geyer's Pest Control Services is located in Acton, CA and serves all of Los Angeles County. We are experts in pest control services for your office, warehouse or residence.
    Our ant removal service cuts down on undesirable insects that are a threat to your kitchen. Our bee removal service eliminates irritating buzzing and painful stings.
    We provide spider removal to eliminate webs and the danger of being bitten. Our rodent and rat removal service keeps your environment sanitary and safe for all.
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Ant Removal

There is nothing worse than entering your kitchen only to find a scattering of ants. Geyer's Pest Control Services offers ant removal to keep your environment clean and your food safe.

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Bee Removal

Bees are helpful to your plants via pollination, but can prove dangerous should they decide to sting you. Geyer's Pest Control Services will perform a bee removal service to keep your family safe.

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Spider Removal

Spiders can be deadly or harmless; either way, it's not worth the risk of letting them hang around. Geyer's Pest Control Services will provide spider removal to eliminate webs and the danger of being bitten.

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Rat Removal

Rodent and rat removal is essential to maintaining a sanitary environment. Geyer's Pest Control Services provides a rat removal service that will cleanse your space of undesirable critters.

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